Xie Chunlin Visits Shandong MSA and Boards for Inspection

Date : 2021-03-17 Source : CMES SHIPPING

16-17 March 2021 - Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping, visited Yuan Zongxiang, Director of Shandong Maritime Safety Administration ("Shandong MSA"), and took safety inspections on ships docking at Qingdao Lidong Petrochemical Terminal. Shandong MSA Deputy Directors Li Jijun and Zhang Liang, Office Director Zhao Yao, Command Center Director Liu Lei, Ship Supervision Director Duan Aibin, Danger Prevention Director Li Wei; Ding Lei, Vice President of CMES Shipping, Wu Jianyi, Chief Engineer and Deputy Safety Director CMES Shipping, Li Zengzhong, Chief Captain and Safety Director of CMES Shipping, attended the meeting and inspection.

During the meeting, Xie Chunlin introduced the company history, profile of CMES Shipping and its safety management condition in the past 3 years. He said that the maritime safety authorities of Shandong ports effectively supervise the navigation and loading /unloading operations of ships, ensuring the safety of ships and operations. Therefore, Xie Chunlin expressed his heartfelt thanks to Shandong MSA on behalf of CMES Shipping.

Yuan Zongxiang welcomed Xie Chunlin and his delegation to Shandong MSA. He said that at present, the maritime system is undergoing the event of learning CCP history for practice; this meeting will help companies solve problems and promote ships and operations safety. They also discussed mutually concerned issues like refueling.

During the inspection, Xie Chunlin led his team to inspect the ship's deck piping and equipment, navigational equipment, life-saving and fire-fighting equipment, and engine room equipment. In particular, he inspected the crew's rooms and galley and pointed out the problems.

Xie Chunlin affirmed the ship's good condition and thanked the management company and the crew for their dedication. Huangdao Marine Department sent officers to participate in the joint inspection and fully affirmed the ship's maintenance and safety management conditions, and hoped to further enhance communication and jointly maintain the safety of ships in navigation and berthing.