Xie Chunlin Meets Mo Jianhui, President of China Classification Society

Date : 2021-03-19 Source : CMES SHIPPING

18 March 2021 - CMES Shipping's Chairman Xie Chunlin and President Wang Yongxin met with the delegation led by President Mo Jianhui of China Classification Society.

Chairman Xie extended a welcome to Mo Jianhui and his entourage. Mr Xie reviewed the history of cooperation between the two sides and expressed gratitude to China Classification Society for its strong support to the development of CMES Shipping. The shipping industry is currently facing the challenge of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality". To cope with the challenge, Mr Xie expected the two sides to carry out more extensive cooperation in the areas of ship energy conservation and emission reduction and technological innovation.

President Wang said that CMES Shipping is committed to building a highly competitive world-class shipping company based on the century-old foundation of China's shipping industry. He expressed his hope that the two sides could explore ahead in a forward-looking manner and achieve more breakthroughs in ship technology innovation and new energy utilization.

President Mo highlighted that China Classification Society has conducted in-depth research on current policy requirements and trends in reducing ship greenhouse gas emissions, and he anticipated even stronger cooperation in the shipping industry between the two sides on carbon emission reduction and joint technological innovation.