New Sail-assisted VLCC of CMES Shipping under construction

Date : 2021-03-11 Source : CMES SHIPPING

9 March 2021 - The opening ceremony for sail manufacturing of CMES Shipping's Sailing VLCC Project (Phase II) was held at Dalian Shipbuilding Industry of CSSC.

What is the Sailing VLCC project?

The “research on the application of airfoil sail boost system” is a key project of China State Shipbuilding Corporation to promote vessel energy conservation and emission reduction, and also an innovative key project on energy conservation and emission reduction for main vessel types sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). In 2019, the project was launched upon the approval of the MIIT. Based on CMES Shipping's custom-built No.100 VLCC from Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, the Sailing VLCC research project (Phase II) was led by Dalian Shipbuilding Industry, joined by CMES Shipping, China Ship Scientific Research Center , China Classification Society, Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers , Dalian Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology, CSSC  Comprehensive Institute, among other organizations.

What is the difference between Phase I and Phase II?

Compared with Phase I, Phase II focuses more on promoting engineering-oriented application. On the real ship, the number of sails has increased from one pair to two pairs, and metal sail blades has become non-metallic. Constructed of a mix of metals and non-metals in overall structure, this is China's first large-sized ship in which carbon fiber is applied. Future R&D efforts will focus on making the material increasingly standard, lightweight and intelligent. Subsequent processes including sail making, assembly, roadbed test, marine shipping, and hoisting as well as real ship installation and commissioning and sea trial will involve tackling many key technological tasks and issues.

Let’s look at the rendering of Phase II. It's surprise that you'll find more sails than in Phase I!