Hu Jianhua Inspects CMES Shipping

Date : 2021-04-08 Source : CMES SHIPPING

7 April 2021 - Mr Hu Jianhua, President of China merchants Group (CMG), inspected CMES Shipping and listened to the reports by Mr Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping and Mr Wang Yongxin, President of CMES Shipping on the major work done in the first quarter of 2021, the overall guidelines and initiatives of the 14th Five-Year Plan, the working mechanism of "Technology Reward Mechanism" and the annual key tasks, and outlined the requirements for the next phase. Accompanying the inspection was Mr Wang Hong, Executive Vice President of CMG.

Mr Hu pointed out that CMES Shipping had maintained its strategic focus, identified and seized business opportunities amid volatile market conditions, stepped up efforts to implement the key tasks and objectives for the year. He commended CMES Shipping's outstanding achievements over the first quarter. He emphasized that shipping is the root and mainstay of the Group, and that CMES Shipping should unswervingly inherit and carry forward the "China Merchants Inheritance", the "Shekou Gene" and the "Hailiao Spirit". He also highlighted the needs for CMES Shipping to stay true to its founding mission and business, fully implement its strategy under the 14th Five-Year Plan, and respond actively to the national goals of "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality". In terms of clean energy, CMES Shipping should take the right track and secure the pole position to outpace competitors; CMES Shipping should also stay committed to the Party's ideals and beliefs, rise to difficulties and challenges unswervingly, add to its glories and honors, and make its shipping business bigger and stronger.

Mr Hu urged CMES Shipping to develop market acumen and insight, carefully examine the market with a global vision, strengthen communication with upstream and downstream players in the industry, step up efforts toward its key account strategy with the aim to fulfill its annual tasks and targets, and make a good start for the 14th Five-Year Plan period.

Mr Hu said that the "Technology Reward Mechanism" provides an important approach to reinventing the working mechanism, which encourages outstanding young and middle-aged officers to tackle difficult issues and major concerns by properly handing out rewards and punishments. He also emphasized the need for CMES Shipping to innovate continuously, further liberate the mind and integrate resources in the areas of energy saving and emission reduction, capacity upgrading and more, as part of its initiative to become the leader and driver of green development in the shipping industry.