Solicitation|9 The Bund & China Merchants Shipping Related Resources Wanted

Date : 2021-11-12 Source : CMES SHIPPING

When you find some old-fashioned kids taking photos in front of the building, are you aware of the plaque behind them reading "China Merchants Steamship Navigation Company"? Facing a yellowed photo, we may find rickshaws, horse-driven carriages and then emerging cars, and the background of the old photo was just the building. 
--- Story of 9 the Bund

The building in the Story of 9 the Bund is located at No. 9 Building, Zhong Shan dong First Road, Shanghai nowadays ("9 the Bund"), in the ownership of China Merchants Group, the pilot of Chinese shipping industry created in 1872, which has witnessed the rising of Chinese shipping industry. 

We're soliciting good materials concerning CMG shipping and the Bund Nine from the public, in order to tap the historical deposit of China Merchants, promote the culture of CMG, and enrich the exhibits of 9 the Bund.

Materials Wanted

We're soliciting all kinds of materials or information related to the evolution of Bund Nine and the history of China Merchants shipping, including without limitation:

1. All kinds of physical, graphical, documentary materials about the evolution of Bund Nine and the development of China Merchaqnts shipping;

2. Documents, notices, approvals, records, briefings, telegrams or reports on related important events;

3. Stationery, tools, certificates, seals, cases/boxes, diaries, manuscripts, etc. used by relevant important persons; 

4. Inscriptions, messages, signatures, notes, anthologies, oral records, etc. of relevant important event leaders;

5. Oral materials or recall articles and interview records provided by the witnesses, insiders or their relatives and children, staff members, etc of relevant major decisions, important events, or important activities;

6. All kinds of valuable photos, videos, oral records and audio files, etc.; and

7. Other related resources.


1. Donation: Entities or individuals are encouraged to donate out of willingness. The exhibits will show the names of their donors who will receive the certificates of donation. For important donation in a large sum or quantity, there will be a special ceremony held separately. 

2. Replication: For some historic or antique resources not suitable for donation, the donors may provide the replicas or photographs, photocopies, video recordings for display, and the donors may receive commemorative certificates.

3. Custody: For cultural relics and other resources with display value but not suitable for long-term display, the donors may entrust the museum to keep them safe and display them publicly in due time, while the donors may receive commemorative certificates.

4. Paid collection: For some entities or individuals willing to sell, we will negotiate for a mutually agreed fair price.

The donors shall ensure the authenticity, exclusiveness and legitimacy of the historic materials to be rendered, and make a simple description in writing of the origin, inheritance, historic significance etc., and leave their names and valid contact information.

Effective Period

This solicitation will be effective from the date of announcement to 30 June 2022.

Contact us

Collector: China Merchants Energy Shipping Co., Ltd. (CMES Shipping)
Contact Person: Ms Du (86) 21 6830 1299, (86) 15801955505
Address: 7/F, 777 Guozhan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai